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Integral Building & Design provides Home Energy Ratings and Performance Testing for a variety of rating systems that help architects, contractors and installers meet energy efficiency requirements. These include:

International Code CouncilInternational Code Council (ICC) Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Compliance

Integral Building + Design provides ICC-certified compliance and rating services including prescriptive, performance and ERI pathways to help builders meet code requirements both successfully and cost-effectively.

NYS CodeNYS Energy Conservation Construction Code (ECCC)

The current NYS Energy Code requirements are based on the  IECC and include a number of additional standards. We provide certified compliance and rating services, including energy modeling, on-site inspections and performance testing for both single family and multi-family residential projects. Additionally we provide compliance and rating services for the NY Stretch Energy Code, which is a supplement to the 2020 NYS ECCC developed by NYSERDA, and available for voluntary adoption by local governments as a more stringent local energy code.

ENERGY STAR_ask about_verticle logo_124x147ENERGY STAR™ Certified Homes

Homes that undergo a series of inspections, performance testing and verification that meet the ENERGY STAR program typically have energy savings up to 30 percent when compared to a code built home. These features typically deliver better durability, quality and comfort.

Ask about IAPEPA Indoor airPLUS

The EPA Indoor airPLUS program builds upon ENERGY STAR Home requirements by providing additional specifications related to indoor air quality. These include the selection of ventilating equipment, HVAC equipment, radon mitigation and low-emitting building materials.

DOE ZERHUS DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes

Homes built to the US DOE ZERH program are high performing. They are energy efficient enough that their renewable energy systems can offset most, if not all, of their annual energy consumption.

Passive House Institute-US (PHIUS+)

Homes built to the PHIUS program cut energy consumption by 60-80 percent when compared to code buildings. These passive buildings will provide superior comfort, indoor air quality and resilience.

USGBC LEED for Homes™

Homes built to the USGBC LEED-H program are built to be environmentally conscious, utilize healthier building materials and provide clean indoor air. These homes also promote reduced carbon emissions and thoughtful land use.


EnterpriseEnterprise Green Communities

The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria was developed to bring a unique, holistic approach to improved health, economic and environmental benefits of sustainable construction practices to the affordable housing sector. Integral Building & Design is an accredited Technical Service Provider to assist project teams to meet this standard and verify compliance with the program requirements.

Regional and State-sponsored Energy Efficiency Programs (EEP)

NYSERDANYS Low-rise Residential New Construction Program (LRNCP)

Energize CTEnergize Connecticut

NJ Clean EnergyNew Jersey’s Clean Energy Program – Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

Integral Building & Design has over 10 years of experience in Consulting and Design Strategies for High Building Performance, including:

  • Building Forensics

  • Superior Energy Efficiency

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

  • Moisture Management